This Peet Brothers Weather Station is in Port Townsend WA.
I'm finally going to shut down this old XP computer, as soon as I can stand to lose the graphs that display nicely on my smart phone. The new page will be on Wunderground (sorry about the ads and ad-tracking), still using a Peet Brothers Ultimeter 2100, and switching to WeatherSnoop software for Mac.

The last update was at 04:45 AM on 03/10/2016. Updates every 15 minutes. Notes, disclaimers, etc. are at the bottom of the page.
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Current Weather Conditions
Ultimeter 2100 Output Value
Outside Temperature50.8 F
Wind DirectionS
Wind Speed9 mph
Wind Chill47.6 F
Barometric Pressure29.35 inHg
Humidity77 %
Daily Rainfall Total0.02"
Observed Conditions [may be out of date]N/A
Today's Values
Ultimeter 2100 OutputValueTime
Low Temperature 49.0 F 12:00 AM
High Temperature 53.0 F 3:13 AM
High Wind Speed 38 mph 4:32 AM
High Wind Direction ESE 4:32 AM
Wind Chill 45.0 F 12:00 AM
Low Barometer 29.23 inHg 12:39 AM
High Barometer 29.35 inHg 4:16 AM
Low Humidity 70 % 3:07 AM
High Humidity 97 % 12:00 AM
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Yesterday's Values
Ultimeter 2100 Output Value Time
Low Temperature 43.0 F 12:22 AM
High Temperature 50.0 F 11:56 PM
High Wind Speed 27 5:26 PM
High Wind Direction SE 5:26 PM
Wind Chill 36.0 F 5:26 PM
Rain Total 1.23"  
Low Barometer 29.26 inHg 11:37 PM
High Barometer 29.85 inHg 12:41 AM
Low Humidity 80 % 12:33 PM
High Humidity 98 % 10:17 PM
Long Term Values
Ultimeter 2100 Output Value Time Date
Low Temperature 38.0 F 7:14 AM 03/02
High Temperature 60.0 F 2:26 PM 03/05
High Wind Speed 38 mph 4:32 AM 03/10
High Wind Direction N    
Wind Chill 33.0 F 4:20 AM 03/08
Rain Total 2.13" since 03/01
Low Barometer 29.12 inHg 12:17 AM 03/06
High Barometer 30.00 inHg 12:09 AM 03/08
Low Humidity 56 % 10:18 AM 03/04
High Humidity 98 % 8:00 AM 03/02
Current Data Graphs (Previous 4 hours - 5 Minute Increments)
temperature graph
wind speed graph
Wind Speed
wind direction graph
Wind Direction
rainfall graph
barometric pressure graph
Barometric Pressure
humidty graph
Outdoor Humidity
wind chill graph
Wind Chill
dew point graph
Dew Point

My backyard weather station is a couple of miles from the Port Townsend Weather station used by Wunderground, which is the Jefferson County Courthouse weather station.

I can't guarantee the accuracy of the weather data, so if it's important to have accurate information, use the Wunderground station. The rain data sometimes just stops showing up, my wind gauge doesn't get full wind from some directions (it's worst from the south), the software reports a few things strangely, sometimes intermittently. Everything is pretty accurate the majority of the time, but it's not guaranteed.

For current wind speed you can check the Washington DOT station at the Point Wilson Coast Guard Lighthouse, about 2 miles from me. This page has recent weather data, including wind gusts. For some reason both pages show only wind speed most of the time.

I replaced my Pro Rain Gauge with a Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge on Jan 28, 2012 because it handles leaves and debris better. There are a lot of trees around my house.

A bug in the software makes the Long Term, High Wind Direction always show as North.

If you have a problem or question please <email me>


Weather data collected by a Peet Brothers Ultimeter 2100 and displayed and uploaded by Weather Outlook. Unfortunately the software is no longer supported, but it's the only one I've found that formats the data so that it's viewable on my Blackberry, using Opera-mini, and even then only in Mobile View. But it works when nothing else I've found does.