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These pages started as a collection of links that I found useful, and often wanted to access when I wasn't at my own computer. So I put them on the web. For years everything was typed in Notepad+, and more recently, MetaPad. Which is why there are occasional tYpo#s that I miss. Please use the email link at the bottom of any page if you find any errors. For the last few years I've usually used the free version of HTML-Kit.

Oct. 16, 2005: Updated or removed 107 dead links found by a link checker site.

December 2007: I've started converting my pages to CSS and making the older pages more compliant. Eventually everything should meet the current standards, but it could take a while, so please bear with me.

Some of my pages are just lists of links. Unfortunately they don't get updated very regularly.

Other pages are the result of research I did for something I was interested in at the time.

If it's related to computers and you can't find it here, try the List of Lists If it's related to computer security or privacy try Eric Howes' Privacy and Security pages.


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