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Nov 27, 2009 After a couple of years it's amazing how many sites disappear or are taken over by someone else with a whole different purpose. Often that purpose is to generate ad revenue from people still landing on a page due to old links. Unfortunately this page was full of old links. The other issue is sites that move or delete pages without setting up to redirect visitors. Microsoft seems to be particularly prone to this. I've cleaned the page up pretty well, but things could change at any moment. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Computer Page Index
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If it's related to computers and you can't find it here, try the List of Lists.

And some basic tips on Safe Hex.

I've removed most of the Windows 95 and Windows 98 sites since they either no longer exist, or don't relate to Windows 95/98 anymore. Many of the ones that have changed are the Microsoft sites for Windows 95 and 98, which now hype Windows 7. A couple of Windows 2000 sites have been borged or are no longer Windows 2000 related, so I've removed them too.

Windows 95

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Windows 98

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Windows 2000

Many of the programs/tips/whatever that are linked to in the XP and W2K sections here would be at least partially usable on both systems.

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Windows XP

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Other Microsoft & Related Stuff

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Alternatives to Microsoft products

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DSL, Cable & Network Stuff

A lot of what is in this section (and the Privacy section) relate to security of your computer and the data on it. No matter how well you secure your computer, the biggest risk is still sitting in the chair. If you do something stupid, you can negate all your other efforts.

The security tips and tests would apply (to a lesser extent) even if you use a dialup instead of a full time connection.

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Hardware Diagnostics
Virus Information & Software
The Rest of It
Information Sources
Computer Assembly Tips
If you're thinking of putting together your own computer, here's some pages with basic instructions. I admit to lifting these links out of a newsgroup post from Gina Dennison.

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